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Average Fire Damage Restoration Cost

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

It is helpful to understand the average fire damage restoration cost before calling a professional restoration company. Of course, there is a wide range of potential costs and many factors that dictate how much the restoration will be, including the size of the fire, location of the damage, how much of the home can be restored, and insurance coverage. 

Regardless of the final cost, fire damage restoration is often far more cost-effective than the alternative. Without it, the homeowner may have to pay for the replacement of expensive items that are not covered by insurance.

With that said, there are certain expectations homeowners can have from a financial standpoint. The following is an overview of fire damage restoration costs, including insights into how companies determine the final price. 

Determining the Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

The average fire damage restoration cost is between $4,000 and $10,000. While this is a broad range, homeowners can determine a more accurate idea of how much their restoration will be by knowing the most notable factors that affect the price. The following are four considerations a professional fire damage restoration company will consider when determining the price. 

Location of the fire

Perhaps the factor that affects the price the most is the location of the damage. Fire damage to a small bedroom is not going to be as difficult and expensive to repair as damage to a kitchen. Significant damage to the floors, walls, and roof will raise the price as well. 

Due to this, the first thing a fire damage restoration company will do is inspect the damage and determine the areas that are affected. Whereas a minor repair to one bedroom may only cost several thousand, a complete kitchen restoration can cost as much as $50,000. 

The reason the location is so important is that certain equipment is more valuable and more difficult to restore. Whereas damage to bedroom carpet does not require extensive service, restoring kitchen cabinets, roofs and other more expensive items is more time-consuming and requires more resources. 

Size and spread of the fire

The place the fire originates is likely to be the most damaged area in the home, but fire can spread quickly and damage surrounding areas as well. In some instances, rooms that were not damaged by the fire may still have smoke, soot, and water damage. 

The size of the fire is perhaps the second largest determining factor in price. Of course, the more areas that need to be restored, the more expensive the cost will be. This is because it will take the fire damage restoration technicians more hours to complete the service, and they will need to use more resources to complete the restoration. 

Items that need to be replaced or restored

In addition to the location of the home and the size of the fire and water damage, the items that need to be restored play a significant role. For example, many fires originate in the kitchen. When this occurs, all appliances, including the dishwasher, refrigerator, sink and stove, require extensive restoration or replacement, which raises the cost. Additionally, the floors and kitchen cabinets likely require restoration as well. 

On the other hand, damage to a room that has less in it, such as a den, small bedroom, or home office, may have fewer and less vital items to restore. 

Then, of course, replacement is more expensive than restoration. The main goal of a fire damage restoration company is to restore as much as possible to avoid replacement and ultimately lower the cost for the homeowner. However, there are times when restoration is not an option and replacement is required. 

Homeowners insurance coverage

Last but not least, the homeowner’s insurance coverage will play a huge role in the cost of the fire damage restoration for the homeowner. Although it may not have much of an impact on how much the fire damage restoration company charges, it does impact how much of the cost the homeowner is responsible for. 

Whereas some coverages may include all costs for the restoration, a less extensive insurance policy may only cover certain areas or items of the home. To find out how much the cost of fire and water damage restoration will likely be, it is best to first check with the insurance company to determine what costs they will take care of. 

Speak to an Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Company

If you have fire and water damage to your home and need fast and reliable damage restoration, then give our team at SERVPRO of Highland Village a call. We are available 24/7 for emergency fire damage situations. Our team is happy to answer your questions about restoration costs and guide you through the difficult time after a home fire.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage to your home is a devastating experience. In addition to the fire damage, there is generally a fair amount of water damage also due to sprinkler systems or firefighters. Fortunately, not all is lost after fire and water damage occurs, and there are many times when the home can be restored without major renovations.

To make things a little easier, it is encouraged to consider a fire damage restoration company to restore as much damage as possible. They typically work fast to restore items that are expensive or carry sentimental value. 

Although each company may use its own process, there are certain steps that one can expect during the aftermath of fire damage. The following is an overview of the restoration process. 

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration aims to restore as much of the home as possible after a fire occurs. The repairs may include deep cleaning carpet and furniture, removing a buildup of smoke and soot on the walls, floors, and roof of the home, as well as getting rid of any foul odors that linger. 

The primary goal of fire damage restoration is to restore rather than replace. This means the company will do a thorough assessment of every inch of the home and restore all that does not require replacement.

Of course, restoration after fire and water damage is time-sensitive. The longer furniture, floors, walls, etc., remain damaged by fire and water, the harder the home is to repair. Because of this, fire damage restoration technicians work efficiently to remove all water and soot buildup to salvage as much as possible and avoid costly replacements.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process in 7 Steps

Every company will have a unique process, but there are expectations homeowners can have when they hire a fire damage restoration company. It is helpful to know what to expect to better understand the importance of professional fire damage restoration. The following is a general seven-step process for restoring damage caused by fire and water after a home fire occurs. 

Contacting a fire damage restoration company

The first step in the fire damage restoration process is to contact a company that specializes in the service. It is ideal to contact the fire damage restoration company the same day or night as the fire, but it can wait until the next day if you are dealing with trauma from the incident. However, the sooner the restoration can begin the better. 

Fire damage inspection and assessment

The first thing the fire damage restoration company will do is inspect and assess the damage. They will make note of all that was damaged, which may include flooring, furniture, and more. They will also make note of odor caused by smoke and fire, which generally requires professional removal. 

Board-up and roof tarping

After inspection, the technicians will board up any areas of the home that cause additional concern, such as releasing a strong odor. They will also tarp the roof if it is vulnerable to additional damage or collapse. This step is generally only necessary for moderate to severe damage. 

Water removal and drying

Water damage is often a concern after a home fire as well due to sprinkler systems and efforts by firemen to put the fire out quickly. A professional fire damage restoration company will not only know how to restore damage, but they will also remove standing water in the home and professionally dry areas and items that are vulnerable to water damage. 

Smoke and soot removal

Smoke can linger inside a home for hours after a fire occurs. If the company arrives the same day or night as the fire, then they can effectively remove lingering smoke quickly to reduce damage and prevent a buildup of excess soot. They can also begin efforts to remove soot from the home. 

Cleaning and repair

After the initial efforts to minimize damage and determine the best way to restore the home, the cleanup and repair process begins. This may include deep cleaning upholstery and carpet, restoring materials with water damage, and removing lingering odors caused by the fire. 

Complete restoration

The goal of fire damage restoration is to restore as much as possible. While there might be certain areas of the home that require replacement, a professional fire damage restoration company should have the mentality to repair everything possible. This saves the homeowner money. This may take several weeks, depending on the severity of the fire and water damage.

Learn More About Fire Damage Restoration Today

Reach out to our team at SERVPRO of Highland Village to learn more about fire damage restoration. Our professional team has the experience and knowledge necessary to restore homes after fire and water damage. We are more than happy to answer your questions, and we offer a 24/7 emergency restoration service.

Repairing Damaged Water Pipes without the Need for Demolition

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

Pipes that are leaking are one of the most common problems that homeowners today face. Repairing leaking pipes can be costly and cause a big headache. Preparing for these problems is key to preventing large water damage.

Poor installation practices are one of the most common causes of leaks in plumbing systems. Kitchen and bathroom faucets are sometimes installed with too tight of a grip, creating leaks. Red stains in your toilet can indicate rust or iron, which could mean a clog in your pipes.

Cracks are another cause of water leaks. Small cracks can be something to not worry about, but larger cracks should be cause for concern and should be inspected by a professional. Small cracks can be fixed with epoxy or paint typically. Larger cracks may need cement caulk or replacement in order to be fixed. 

When pipes become blocked, water damage is likely to occur. A quality water filtration system can prevent blocks in pipes. If a pipe does become blocked, many hardware stores carry inexpensive drain snakes or rent large augers in order to remedy the issue yourself.

Many leaks are found around fixtures and fittings such as faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, and water heaters. It is often difficult to find these leaks as many of them are behind walls and tile and require demolition to find the true leak source.

Slab leaks are also common and consist of damaged water pipes beneath a layer of soil on the exterior of your foundation. If a slab leak appears anywhere near a foundation, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. If a damaged water pipe is visible, or you feel there may be more than one leak, contact a licensed plumbing service as soon as possible to have the leak repaired.

Slab Leaks Can Go Years Without Being Detected

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

Slab Leaks and Water Damage Repair

In areas where the soil is very unstable, slab leaks are very common. Many homes are constructed on concrete slabs or with brick-reinforced pier and beam foundation. This can create problems with basements as walls can crack while soil pressure is changing. Drainage pipes typically run under the slab, however, underground plumbing connections are usually harder to find and more costly to repair. Depending on the leak’s severity, the cost of repair varies.

The stresses of structural design, settling, and soil pressure can lead to slab leaks. Multiple combinations of factors can weaken the building’s structural integrity, including mechanical flaws in the design of the home. Installing new basement walls can help to stop slab leaks, but the stress of the loose soil could already be too much. 

Lack of proper waterproofing could be another cause of slab leaks. Sewer and drain line maintenance is vital in order to prevent both structural integrity issues and future water damage. If your plumbing system contains improper pipe lengths or bends at joints, there is a good chance your plumbing could leak. Other issues that can cause leaks include insufficient water pressure in your household plumbing system or standing water in pipes that connect to the sewage system.

Slab leaks may go years without being detected since water can move beneath the slab foundation without showing up on an inspection. Moreover, it is easy to misdiagnose slab foundation problems, so homeowners should be on the lookout for anything they may see that seems out of place. For instance, if you find a crack in your slab but no corresponding void in your floor slab, your basement may be the culprit. A faulty drain line may also cause water to leak through, especially if the soil is cracked around the pipe.

If you've recently noticed your water bill shooting up and your water pressure is low, you may be experiencing a slab leak. This type of leak is a plumbing issue that requires the expertise of a professional to fix. Slab leaks are often a result of corrosion, which causes them to be challenging to detect. They typically occur near the water meter, pipes, or appliances. If you suspect you have a slab leak, contact a slab leak repair company in your area to schedule an inspection.

What Are the Common Water Damage Problems in Commercial Property?

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Handling commercial water damage is not an easy task. As a commercial property owner or manager, you are probably aware that water can not only cause damage to the interior of your building but the exterior and landscape of your property.

Some factors that need to be considered when assessing the time needed to restore a commercial property are the cause of damage and how long a structure has been damaged.

Below are a few of the common causes of commercial water damage and the different restoration services that can be used to address them.

Natural Causes

Acts of nature can impact commercial buildings just as much as residential buildings. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding can be detrimental to high-rise buildings which are often commercial buildings.


One of the most common causes of leaks in commercial buildings is poor construction practices. Inadequate foundation drainage systems and poorly maintained roofing materials can cause parts of the building to sag if ignored.

Broken Water Pipes

Broken water pipes can shut down a whole building if not managed properly. Broken water supply pipes can flood a building, but a broken sewage pipe can create an even bigger mess. Sewage can bring “blackwater” with it, creating not only a water damage issue but also a biohazard issue.

Emergency Service

SERVPRO of Highland Village is open 24/7 for emergency situations. Flooding, water leaks, and sewage leaks can create the need for emergency services. Call us for immediate help during these situations.

If you have experienced water damage in your business, call us at (940) 241-3434.

Fire Safety 101: Smoke Alarms

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke alarms are a very important part of our everyday lives. A smoke alarm is a device that senses smoke, which is usually an indication of fire. Residential smoke alarms are used in almost every room and hallway in your home. Commercial smoke alarms are also used in most rooms and send a signal to an alarm control panel.

Commercial Smoke Alarms

Commercial smoke alarms are usually located on every floor of a commercial building. These alarms will alert the fire department of the potential fire as well as alert all those inside the building. 

Heat Detectors

Many commercial hospitality facilities such as hotels and resorts have heat detectors that will sound an alarm when there is a rapid increase in the air temperature.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors detect smoke particles in the air and will alert you to not only smoke, but many newer models can also alert you to carbon monoxide.

Which Type Of Smoke Alarm Do I Need?

In the United States, it is required to have a working smoke alarm installed in your home. Which kind of smoke alarm should you choose to have in your home?

There are two types of smoke alarms that are commonly used in residences: ionization and photoelectric. Photoelectric smoke alarms are the lowest prices and need a power source in order to work properly. Ionization smoke alarms are commonly installed in newer buildings and can also be disabled if they are not connected to a power source.

If you feel you need help deciding which type of smoke alarm is right for you, please look at the resources below: 

Installing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Home

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Flooring is one of the most essential features of a home. It can tie together your decor and it plays a crucial role in your home’s resale value. The most common flooring types are wood, stone, and concrete slab. Flooring can be a very expensive feature of your home. Follow the guide below in order to choose the best flooring for you.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring can be installed in various ways, depending on how complex you would like the design to be. The least complicated way to lay wood flooring is to have boards that have been “chopped” by a machine. The most common wood flooring layout is using a “locking” flooring system, where the floorboards are fitted as a single unit onto the concrete slab. This method provides the cleanest, most consistent, and most visually appealing finish.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring is incredibly durable as a flooring material. Stone flooring materials are usually preferred for use on the lower levels of houses.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is very durable, extremely lightweight, slip-resistant, and relatively easy to maintain. One downside to vinyl flooring is that it does not always look right when placed on floor areas that are not partitioned.

Ceramic flooring

Ceramic flooring is made of glass-ceramic materials which contain silica and is ideal for use on open floor areas and where slip accidents are unlikely. Ceramic flooring is highly durable and provides good sound and heat insulation.

Tile flooring

Tile flooring is made from highly durable materials such as marble or limestone. Tile flooring is available in a wide range of designs and colors and can be installed in areas that have temperature control issues. Tile flooring is also easy to maintain due to its slip-resistant nature.

Should you hire a professional floor installation service? There are many benefits to hiring a professional floor installation service for your commercial or residential project. Floor installation is a complex process, and any mistakes can be costly. You want to be sure that your installation is done right the first time. If you have questions about our professional flooring installation services, call our office at (940) 241-3434.

Why is Commercial Fire Damage Restoration So Important?

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The level of fire damage varies greatly depending on the severity of the fire. A small electrical short circuit might only cause minimal damage to specific items within a commercial building. However, if the fire resulted from a gas leak or a natural disaster, the scope of the damage can be much more significant.

The first step in restoration after a fire is to evaluate the damage caused to the structure.  Depending on the materials and age of the building, the damage may be relatively minor or may require a structural inspection. This step of structural analysis is necessary before any renovations or rebuilding can take place. 

The building's actual cash value should be established before finding out the value of everything damaged. This includes furniture, electronic equipment, jewelry, clothing, and carpeting. It would also be a good idea to have an appraisal for any wood or metal fixtures. Sometimes, when a building suffers water damage, it will have an overall discounted value determined by the amount of wood and material damaged and the structural elements' condition. This is often used as a factor in determining the replacement cost for a damaged building. However, in some cases, such as with a damaged roof or entire floor, the property's actual cash value cannot be determined since it will be challenging to determine the exact condition of the structure without actually seeing it.

Once values have been determined, it is time to plan what will need to be done to restore the property to its pre-incident condition. Some risks commonly associated with fire damage restoration include soot damage repair, smoke damage repair, and mold remediation. The floor may need to be replaced on every level. If there is water damage from fire fighting efforts, this could result in subfloor damage. If electrical service was affected by smoke, the electrical subflooring may need to also be addressed.

If a building has suffered severe fire damage, it is essential to remediate any water damage that may have occurred as soon as possible. The longer a property sits without restoration, the more costly and time-consuming the project will become. Immediately contacting a professional fire restoration company to assess and remediate the damage is essential in properly restoring a property to its preloss condition.

4 Safety Tips on How to Prevent a House Fire

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Do you know how to prevent a house fire? Fire can create destruction and chaos. If a family is lucky enough to escape a fire in their home, often times they do not want to return after the stress they went through during the fire. Consider following the tips below in order to prevent this tragedy from happening to you.

Fire Prevention Safety Tip #1

The best safety tips are the ones that ensure your and your family’s safety. In order to keep your family safe, it is important to check the smoke detectors in your home regularly. If your home does not have a smoke detector–or not enough smoke detectors–they can be purchased online or at a local home improvement store.

The National Fire Protection Association provides the following safety guidelines for smoke alarms:

  • Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years.
  • Smoke alarms should be installed on each level of the home.
  • Smoke alarms should be installed outside each sleeping area, the kitchen, and the hallways connecting the sleeping areas.
  • Smoke alarms should be equipped with an alarm system that will sound when the power is out.
  • Smoke alarms should be tested monthly.
  • Smoke alarms should be regularly cleaned to avoid the build-up of dust.
  • Smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years.

In order to protect your home and your family, it is important to make sure your smoke detectors are in working order. Make sure that your smoke detectors are always plugged in or have batteries installed and test them monthly to ensure they are working properly.

Fire Prevention Safety Tip #2

Make sure your home is equipped with fire extinguishers. Having a working fire extinguisher in your home could be the difference between a small kitchen fire and having to rebuild an entire home. Don’t forget to make sure your fire extinguishers are also not expired. The average fire extinguisher is used every ten years.

Fire extinguishers are designed to put out fires. Typically, they are filled with gas that is stored under pressure and is released as a fine mist. When the gas is sprayed, it creates a barrier between the fire and the items it is burning. The fire may go out on its own, or it will need to be sprayed again. Making sure your home has fire extinguishers or the proper sprinkler system in place is very important in keeping your family safe.

Fire Prevention Safety Tip #3

Children should be taught proper fire prevention techniques. The most effective way to teach your children about fire hazards is to have a discussion with them about the different fire hazards that their home could be vulnerable to and the different ways to avoid fire hazards.

Most children are taught in school that fire is not good and that it can be harmful to them and their surroundings. It is important to reinforce these lessons at home and to make sure they know how to call for help and where safety equipment is in your home.

Fire Prevention Safety Tip #4

Making sure that your fire alarm system is ready at all times is important in order to keep your family safe. If your house is outfitted with an alarm system before a fire starts, it could protect you and your loved ones from harmful smoke and fire.

Many newly-built housing developments have the houses in each neighborhood close together, heightening the chance for flames to jump from one house to the next. This chance of fire spreading is also high in apartment buildings and condos.

These are just a few fire safety tips that you should remember. At SERVPRO of Highland Village, we want to make sure you implement proper fire safety precautions to keep your family and home safe. In the event that you should ever need emergency fire damage restoration, we are available 24/7.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage restoration is caused by a wide range of factors. Firefighting operations, smoke, and windows broken in the course of fighting the fire all result in equipment loss. Buildings can also sustain damage from water, due to fighting the fire. The damage can also result from breakdowns of machinery or faulty operations.

To restore your property to its original state after commercial fire damage, many different steps must be taken. In the beginning, it is vital to determine the cause of the fire damage. For example, the burning of oil can lead to leaks if the fuel levels are not maintained properly or if the fire is difficult to control.

Following the determination of the cause of the fire damage, you can begin searching for a commercial fire damage restoration company. If you are faced with an immediate emergency the best thing to do is to reach out to your local fire department. While a restoration company is important, they could not help with the actual flames. Some fire departments have lists of companies that they like to refer also and can provide this information.

After that, it is best to look at your budget as a company. The cost of restoring a damaged building can be pretty expensive and might hit close to a set budget for to cost of repair, especially if you are not going through insurance. So that is helpful to keep in mind when choosing who to go for.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration includes the process of erasing some flammable matters that are in the building following the fire. In many cases, the firefighter unit will demand the destruction of distinguishing areas, such as certain walls or furniture. Therefore, before they can carry on the devastation of these parts, you will need to confirm you see the district's fundamental completeness before introducing some plans to eliminate the articles.