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Cleanliness On A Job in Lantana

Here we have Julian and Bailey tidying up not just their work-space, but also your home or business!!! We understand that sometimes insurance won't cover you le... READ MORE

Game Room Disaster in Houston, TX

Nobody wants to come home to find their beloved game room full of contaminated water! This home in Houston was one of those affected by the 60 inches of rain le... READ MORE

Flood Damage from Houston Storm

This tropical storm in Houston really hit the gym, literally! After dropping an overwhelming 60 inches of water in only four days, this home suffered from categ... READ MORE

Bedroom Damage in Justin, TX

When you get out of bed and step into an inch of water you know there's a problem! Luckily here at SERVPRO of Highland Village, we know the perfect remedy! With... READ MORE

Flooring Removed from Home in Northlake, TX

Nothing's worse than pipes that can’t hold water! This home in Argyle, Texas suffered a broken water pipe in their bathroom, resulting in water damage to ... READ MORE

Ruined Flooring Removed and Area Dried in Argyle,TX

It’s hard to appreciate those wood floors when they’re underwater! Water damage is one of the most common forms of property damage, as well as one o... READ MORE

Blood Removal from Beautiful Staircase in Bartonville, TX

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Our job at SERVPRO is to make sure that you can get back to your regular routine as fast as possible. With our 24-hour r... READ MORE

Office With A Leaky Bathroom Sink in Corinth, TX

This office was effected by a leaky bathroom sink. The business owner came into work in the morning and found the water had continued to seep down the hallway. ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Argyle, TX

Let's start off by saying there are 3 effective ways to put out a grease or pan fire and water is NOT one of them. Safest way is by a fire extinguisher Suffocat... READ MORE

Local Library Water Loss

What we've learned from our experience in the water and fire restoration business, is that these types of disasters happen in the most inconvenient places. Publ... READ MORE