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9/19/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO hero Not all heroes wear capes

When in doubt, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of Highland Village prides itself on the ability to provide quality and honest estimates to anyone in need of our services. At SERVPRO of Highland Village we realize that as a homeowner, there are times when you just need direction from a professional. Whether it be water damage, mold, fire damage, or even a messy cleanup, sometimes you just have to ask a professional their thoughts before you can comfortably make a decision on what to do next. The fact of the matter is, that we realize how stressful any of those situations can be and we realize the trust put in our hands to point people in the right direction. That’s why EVERYONE at SERVPRO of Highland Village is willing to go the extra mile to discuss and answer any questions you might have until you are as confident as we are that the situation can be made “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Highland Village, is always here to help.

Party Ruiner

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

Bathroom target areas Bathrooms are the leading cause of water damage in homes

Know what ruins parties?  Water damage from a clogged toilet!

Musty odor, wet, stained, or damaged floors could all be effects of an overflowed toilet.

Most residential water damage situations happen from bathroom issues. That’s why it’s important to check your bathroom regularly to ensure nothing is damaged or leaking. Anticipatory measures could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. In the event that you did not catch any potential issues in time, DON’T WORRY, SERVPRO can save the day, but maybe not the party.

One recommendation to ensure your bathroom has the best possible chance to make it through a party without any issues is to check the toilet reservoir and visually inspect the components. Over time these components can become compromised and break. It is also a good habit to know exactly where your shut-off valve is located in the event that you would need to shut off the water to mitigate any damage.

If you have found yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call. We can get things cleaned up and back to “like it never even happened” in no time!



8/25/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Team One of our 18 Wheeler Storm Vehicles

What makes SERVPRO stand apart from other restoration companies? That answer is simple, Storm Teams. At SERVPRO of Highland Village, we are a part of Storm Team Wilson, which means we are available to be dispatched at a moment's notice to a loss area. Hurricanes, tornado events, and flash flooding are all examples of chaotic times that bring serious damage.  That’s why thousands of Americans trust SERVPRO during traumatic events. It is truly remarkable the amount of firepower that being a part of a storm team can bring. With the help of franchises across the U.S., Storm Team Wilson is capable of handling hundreds of situations a day during a storm event, helping homeowners and business owners in the time when they need it most. Rest assured, when SERVPRO is involved, we will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Texas Weather

8/18/2022 (Permalink)

DFW storm Storm rolling through DFW


As we all know, the weather in Texas can never be predicted. It may be a water loss being experienced in your home due to the AC unit running nonstop for days due to the extreme heat we are all so aware of, or water coming into your home or business from flash floods. No matter the reason, you need a company that cares and will be there fast in any disaster. That is SERVPRO of Highland Village. We live here. We work here. We are here to help. We provide expert knowledge and we are ready for whatever happens. If you need emergency water damage services, give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call. Please Call at (940)-241-3434.


8/18/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Highland Village Ready to help


SERVPRO of Highland Village is made up of a team of true professionals. From the top all the way down to the bottom, we have developed a team that believes in what they do, and most importantly, every team member is truly here to help. Our owners have been groomed since they were young to be humble, respectful, and honest business owners. The ethics and morals that the owners carry are rooted throughout the company in every single way, so you can guarantee that every customer is getting our very best at every job.

When your business or home has experienced any damage from fire, water or mold the answer is SERVPRO of Highland Village. We understand the stress that comes with these types of damages, so let us help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage, lets not make it worse.

7/8/2022 (Permalink)

Home water damage Home water damage trouble

If you are anything like the typical homeowner, when water damage happens in your home, the question may arise, when should I contact some help? How much can I do by myself? Can this wait? All legitimate questions, however, in our professional opinion, seeking professional help is NEVER a bad thing. In fact, in cases where people decide to wait or are unsure what direction to take, it usually ends up being more expensive in the end. Water jobs certainly do NOT get better over time. Whether it’s a leaking AC unit caused by living in Texas, which on most days feels like the surface of the sun, or a dishwasher going rouge, all problems that should not be ignored. At SERVPRO of Highland Village, we offer free and honest estimates for any scenario. There is not a job too big or too small for SERVPRO.

Let’s say the water damage in your house is not something you would necessarily classify as an emergency but you would still like some direction or advice? Give our office a call at (940)-241-3434 where one of our professional team members can assist with any questions you may have. You will find out that everyone here at SERVPRO of Highland Village is truly here to help.

When you find water damage the best thing to do first is locate the source and shut it off. If you are unable to do either, the next best thing would be to contact a plumber in the area. Stopping the source is crucial. Once that is done, your next step should be contacting one of our awesome team members at SERVPRO of Highland Village to assist you from there on what you should do.

Water damage is not always easy to find, so here are a few signs to look for

  • Wet or soggy carpets
  • Damage to wood floors such as buckling or warping
  • Water stains in ceilings or walls along with sagging or soft to the touch

We can’t always prevent water damage but hopefully, this will help prevent any damage from getting worse. Our highly trained technicians are on call 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call to make it “Like it never even happened”.

SERVPRO of Highland Village

7/8/2022 (Permalink)

Community We live here. We serve here.

SERVPRO of Highland Village

Why SERVPRO? That answer is simple actually. When your home or business experiences, what seems like chaos, water damage, fire damage, or mold you want to call someone who will be there quickly, treat you like a priority, and most of all someone who you can trust. Let’s face it, when we are talking about your HOME or a business you’ve put countless hours into, you want, no.. you NEED it to be taken care of.  That’s why you choose SERVPRO of Highland Village.

Our owners, being 4th generation SERVPRO, have been groomed to carry on the legacy of quality service, incredible customer service, and making a difference in people’s lives.

The coolest part is, that we are neighbors. We live here. We shop here. We Serve here. It is our passion at SERVPRO of Highland Village to serve our community and to help our neighbors.  With the SERVPRO brand being trusted since 1967, it’s a reputation that we promise to uphold.

No matter the size of the damage, we have the ability to mobilize as many additional crews, equipment, and resources to help YOU.

If ever in need of restoration services, we hope you will find it easy to trust SERVPRO of Highland Village to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How to clean and restore your home after a fire

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

How to clean and restore your home after a fire

Dangerous is the word I would use to explain what it is like cleaning and restoring your home after a fire. IF proper safety precautions are not taken and/or the procedures are not followed. There is also a time frame where further damage can occur from smoke and soot if they are not taken care of immediately, so it’s crucial that you act fast. The safest and easiest way to handle the cleanup and restoration of your home after a fire is to hire a professional fire restoration company, however, if the fire is small enough, you may be able to handle it yourself.

Cleaning Procedures

There is no set way to restore your home back to normal in the event of a fire due to the fact that each home is different, not only the layout but the items in the home that need to be restored will vary from home to home. However, there are some basic steps to follow to assist along the way.

  • Ensure you wear personal protective equipment
  • Ensure the surrounding area is safe and properly protected
  • Use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) products when removing the lingering odor the fire caused

Proper PPE

Personal protective equipment should not be ignored or taken lightly. Failure to use the proper PPE could expose you to harmful elements the fire may have caused affecting you both short term and long term. So, at a minimum, before you begin to clean and restore your home ensure you are wearing the following:

  • Safety goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • Long sleeves
  • Nose mask

Safety boots are an addition that may be recommended depending on the specific details of the aftermath.

Protect the Surrounding Area

This next step can save you a lot of money if done correctly. Opening windows and doors in the home to allow smoke and other elements to exit the residence. Preventing the buildup of smoke and soot is what you are trying to avoid. Ideally, a large powerful fan can assist with the removal of smoke along with any vapors from cleaning products, out of your home.

Next is your floors and how to protect them, especially the areas that have little to no damage in the rest of the house. The main concern is tracking soot and other particles into other parts of the house via foot traffic. A good way to avoid this is simply by blocking off certain areas of the home or by laying cloth down.

TSP Products

Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) products are used to remove the odor that stays in your home after a fire. Most homeowners who have experienced a fire in their home will say the odor is one of the biggest issues, not only is it an unpleasant smell but breathing in the smoke and the other particles in the air can be harmful to one’s health.

When using TSP products, you should not deviate from the directions. It is also crucial that you have the proper PPE before handling TSP due to the fact that it can be harmful to the body/skin and eyes. So, ensure your body and eyes are fully protected and proceed with extra caution.

Scrub Walls

The walls can be easily overlooked after a house fire so it's important to check to see if the walls are affected or damaged throughout the home! The reason for this is that if your Central heat and air were on after or during the fire, it is highly likely that soot and other particles have been blown throughout the house. The sooner you have wiped away soot off the walls, the easier the restoration process will be. An easy tool for cleaning walls is called a chemical dry sponge also referred to as a soot eraser sponge. That is your best bet to remove residue. Please note that in some cases multiple cleaning may be necessary. Just allow time in between each time you scrub the walls for them to dry.

Drying Time

In most cases after a house fire, you will be using a liquid cleaning solution to help clean throughout your home. Please keep in mind that cleaning solutions need time to dry, so be sure not to paint or redecorate without an adequate amount of drying time.

Fire Damage Restoration Experts

For some, home fires can be handled with the help of yourself and perhaps a few friends or family members, but if you feel the task is too big, please reach out to our professional and experienced teams at SERVPRO of Highland Village. Our team would be happy to discuss how we can help after your home fire or simply answer any questions you might have. We are a 24/7 emergency service and we are only a call away.  

When did you last check your toilet?

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Aging Toilets

Our teams here at SERVPRO of Highland Village have responded to numerous calls where the culprit of the water damage was caused by a TOILET. It is certainly an issue that can come with a variety of problems. As toilets go through the wear and tear process over the years, the components can degrade and malfunction if not properly maintained. There are multiple reasons why a toilet can malfunction, jam, or overflow which can lead to some pretty wet issues inside your bathroom. A common occurrence is an overflowing reservoir. In some cases, they can be as damaging as a busted pipe but more times than not it can usually be mitigated by the homeowner fairly quickly. In the event that an overflowed reservoir is not caught quickly, you may be in need of water extraction. After just a few minutes, water can damage baseboards, cabinets, and flooring. SERVPRO of Highland Village has professionals who can arrive with high-powered extraction equipment for the most severe of water damages. Once we have successfully pumped out any standing water our next goal is dry and preserve any affected parts of your home or business. As hectic as it may seem when you experience water coming from your toilet or reservoir, with a prompt response from you, SERVPRO of Highland Village can make any water damage “Like it Never even happened”

Give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call anytime.


Different Types of Storm & the Damage They Bring

7/2/2022 (Permalink)

Thunderstorms can be incredibly damaging to your home. There are many different elements a thunderstorm may include, such as lightning, wind, rain, and hail. While there is only so much you can do to protect your home from a natural disaster, understanding the different types of storms and how they may damage your home can help you properly plan if a bad storm is headed your way and know what to expect in the aftermath.

Depending on the area you live in, you may be at an increased risk of experiencing certain types of storms. Being familiar with the types of storms your area is most likely to experience can be very helpful. The following is an overview of the more common types of storms and how they can damage your home. 

Types of Storms

The different types of storms include thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms. Each is damaging in its own way and claims numerous lives each year in the United States. In addition to the deadly nature of storms, they can also severely damage your home. 

Storms often damage homes by infiltrating them with water, causing electrical damage, and damaging the foundation, walls, and roof through heavy wind, lightning, rainfall, and other elements. 

Water damage, fire damage, and heavy damage caused by wind are among the most common ways in which your home can suffer from a severe storm. Below we highlight the three main types of damage that often occur to homes in the United States. These damages include lightning, tornado, and flood damage.


Lightning exists with many thunderstorms. They have the power to damage the electrical wiring inside your home. If there are any electrical items plugged into outlets in your home, then they are at risk of damage as well. This includes computers, cell phones, televisions, kitchen appliances, and more. Another way lightning can damage your home is by striking your roof or other parts of your home. Lightning can also lead to home fires that can quickly spread as well.

To prevent lightning damage, be sure to unplug all electrical appliances and items. Also, stay away (and keep children away) from electrical outlets, appliances, and systems during thunderstorms for optimal safety. 

Lightning can also cause the power to go out, so be sure to have flashlights and candles ready before an expected storm. If lightning damage does occur, consider contacting a home damage restoration company near you that offers prompt service. They can restore parts of the home directly affected by lightning such as roof damage as well as damages that occur as a result of an electrical fire caused by lightning.  


A tornado is a fast-moving vortex of high winds that connects from a cloud to the ground. They appear as a funnel-shaped cloud and can be incredibly violent and destructive. Most tornadoes have 100-mile-per-hour winds or higher, and some can carry winds more than 200 miles per hour. This gives them the potential to be incredibly destructive to a home. 

There is little that can be done to prevent a tornado from causing damage, but a prompt initial response to damage can help the restoration process be more effective. If a tornado warning is given for your area, then be sure to get in the safest place possible where there are no windows. After the storm, check your home for damage and call a restoration professional for fast and effective service. 


Floods are often more severe than many realize, and they claim hundreds of lives each year in the United States alone. 

A flood occurs when there is an overflow of water in areas that are normally dry. Storms often bring heavy rain to an area. While much of the water absorbs into the soil or goes down drains, storms that produce heavy rain or rain that continues for an extended period of time leads to flooding. Flash floods can also occur if rivers and other water sources become too full and lead to an overflow. 

Floods can damage your home if standing water builds up along the foundation. In many instances, the water and moisture can enter your home through tiny cracks and gaps. If this occurs, it may lead to the need for storm damage restoration. 

Fight Back Against Storm Damage with SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Highland Village is here to help homeowners restore their homes after storm damage. If wind, water, fire, or other elements have damaged your home, then get in touch with us today. 

We offer a 24/7 service so that the restoration process for your home can start right away. You can reach us through phone or email, and our team is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the restoration process.