Photo Gallery

Four foot cuts in drywall

Procedure for Flood Damage

Floods are not only known for filling your living room with water! They also contaminate everything that water touches. Floodwaters can contain everything from dangerous chemicals to sewage and other biohazards, so it's important to take them seriously. We at SERVPRO of Highland Village take every step to make sure that your property is safe to re-enter.

Flooding caused by storm

Thats No Swimming Pool

Sometimes the rain just won't let up! A little over a week ago, Houston, TX, was hit with a surprising 60 inches of rain over four days. This caused widespread flooding in the area, which SERVPRO of Highland Village was happy to help mitigate. We can handle large commercial losses, and effectively tackle smaller residential jobs with ease. 

Pile of floorboards in living room

Floors Hate Water

This home suffered from an expired toilette supply line, which unfortunately ruptured while the family was out of town. They came home to disaster when inches of standing water had filled their home. SERVPRO of Highland Village Showed up within hours to clear the water and begin the mitigation process. We set up our fans, dehumidifiers, and removed all damaged materials.  

Fire damage to garage

Garage Fire

It's incredible just how fast fires can spread. This garage was destroyed in only a matter of minutes! SERVPRO of Highland Village cleared all debris, washed the walls, removed damaged sections of the garage, and cleaned the entire area. We have all the tools necessary to do it right, including trucks to haul away the mess! Our team is dedicated to getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Water damage in Bartonville Food Store

Water Damage in Bartonville, TX

Small Leaks can Lead to Big Repairs! This Bartonville Food Store suffered from a small leak coming from a soda machine that seeped into the floors and trapped moisture underneath. SERVPRO of Highland Village was there to solve the problem! As you can see in the photograph, our highly trained team of production techs removed the flooring and dried underneath. We work fast to get you back up and running!

Wall with the drywall pulled off

The Importance of Removing Affected Drywall

When a water damage occurs, SERVPRO of Highland Village's first priority is to re-mediate and restore affected structural materials like drywall, baseboards, flooring, etc. The removal of affected materials may be required, but we want to cause as little damage as possible in order to properly dry your home which includes getting the affected areas dried ASAP. In this photo, you can see our technicians removed the affected drywall and it's now ready to be replaced.

An infrared camera looking at the front of our office

Our Professional Infrared Camera

Whenever you call SERVPRO of Highland Village, this is one of many tools we bring along for finding water in places that may not appear to be damp on the surface but are still soaked through. The Flir E6 is an infrared camera we use to measure the location and amount of water behind a wall, ceiling or floor, no matter the building material. This is an expensive, but necessary piece of equipment to show us exactly where to start the necessary restoration process. 

Two SERVPRO dehumidifiers

Have You Met Our Dehumidifiers?

These are just two types of dehumidifiers we have here at the warehouse. The one on the right is called Dri-Eaz Evolution (AKA 'The Evo'). This is one of our more energy-efficient dehumidifiers that puts out less heat than our other dehumidifiers so it won't raise the indoor temperature of your home or business as much as our more industrial equipment. The one on the left is called Dri-Eaz 7000XLi (AKA 'The Big Dehu'). One of our more powerful and heavier dehumidifiers, this is mainly used for bigger commercial jobs and extremely humid environments to pull as much moisture out of the air as needed. Most of our equipment can be rented out as well for personal use.

Two low profile air movers

Phoenix AirMax Air Movers

These are only a couple of our new Phoenix AirMax air movers. They only weigh 21 pounds and stack efficiently so we can bring as many as the job requires. 

One of our owners, Bailey Stone, standing in front of our van

Our "Mystery Machine"

Our first big purchase here at SERVPRO of Highland Village is an all-american Ram Roadmaster. Picking our van is one of the most important parts of the SERVPRO business because without it, we wouldn't be able to reliably service our community and their restoration needs. With plenty of room in the back for all our technical equipment, she's proven her use on multiple occasions so keep a sharp eye out for our own "Mystery Machine" in your area.