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When Should I Acquire Fire Damage Restoration Services?

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration involves restoring a home after a home fire. It is important to act quickly after a fire and contact a fire damage restoration company quickly if the repairs require professional assistance. While a minor fire that is put out quickly may not result in the need for professional restoration services, moderate to severe fire damage requires more extensive treatment to minimize replacement costs. 

Waiting too long after a fire occurs can cause the aftermath to be worse, whereas a fire damage restoration company that arrives quickly after the fire can keep the damage to a minimal level. This can help homeowners save thousands of dollars, as well as save precious and sentimental furniture and decorative and antique pieces inside of the home. 

By fully understanding when to contact a fire damage restoration company for prompt service (and when not to), you can make an informed decision that can help you restore the appearance and quality of your home for the lowest cost possible. 

Physical Damage Caused by Flames

Of course, the number one cause of damage in many fires is the flames. The initial fire can be devastating if it continues for an extended period of time. More notably, the repair process for walls, roofs, flooring, furniture, and more that are damaged by flames requires more extensive treatment to restore the damage and avoid replacement.

Additionally, along with flames comes smoke and soot. Smoke and soot pose a unique concern as they can last much longer and cause damage to the home through a slower, more drawn-out process. Due to this, it is essential to promptly remove smoke and soot inside of the home as quickly and as effectively as possible after a fire. Another major concern following a fire is water damage. This becomes a concern if the fire department is needed to put out the flames. 

For small flames that cause little damage to a small area of the home, the homeowner may be able to restore their home to a degree. However, more severe physical damage caused by flames, smoke, soot, and water requires professional fire damage restoration services.

What’s Involved in Fire Damage

Every fire damage restoration is unique, but there is a certain process a professional company may follow. The restoration process typically involves inspecting and restoring structural damage, removing smell and dirt promptly, and dealing with smoke and soot concerns. 

Structural Damage

Structural damage is perhaps the main concern following a fire to your home or commercial property. Structural damage refers to damage to the core foundation of the property. This includes the foundation, walls, roof, flooring, and doors. Structural damage may occur as a direct result of the flames of the fire, although it commonly is the result of water damage in an effort to put out the fire as well. 

The first thing the fire damage restoration professionals will do upon arrival on the scene is to assess the severity and extent of the damage, particularly to the structure of the home. They can begin the restoration process by protecting damaged areas, removing smoke and soot, and drying areas damaged by water. 

Smell and Dirt

While acquiring fire damage restoration services for structural damage may be a given, the damage does not have to be as severe for there to be a need for professional assistance. Fires cause a foul-smelling odor and can stir up dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Fire damage restoration seeks to remove any bad odors that linger in the home after the fire as well as clean up dirt. They can utilize services, such as professional carpet cleaning, scrubbing walls, and various other methods to help sanitize the home. 

Smoke and Soot

Smoke and soot almost always build up in the home in areas the flames spread. After the fire is put out, homeowners still have to address potential damage caused by smoke and soot. Fire damage restoration professionals can arrive at the property promptly to quickly remove smoke and soot and minimize the impact the fire has on the home. They can then work toward the restoration of the structure of the home, furniture, and other surfaces damaged by the smoke and soot. 

Without fire damage restoration, the soot can build up over time and become far more difficult to remove. If too much time passes without removing the smoke and soot, then damaged items may require the replacement of items rather than repair and restoration, which is much more costly. 

Hire a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Reach out to our team at SERVPRO of Highland Village today for more information about our fire damage restoration services. We offer a 24/7 emergency service to help minimize the initial damage done to your home and start the fire damage restoration process as quickly as possible.

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