Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage Caused by Leaking Water Heater

Leaking Water Heater in Fort Worth, Texas

This photo captures only a fraction of the water damage caused by a leaking water heater in Fort Worth. Beginning in the garage area of the home, water quickly migrated through the master closet, into the master bath, and throughout sections of the home. Damage of this caliber is typical of water heaters because they are often overlooked by homeowners and are not typically placed in high traffic areas. 

Closet with water damage on the carpet with clothes still hanging up

Be careful leaving your house alone

A common cause of loss we see on the job site comes from failed water supply lines. One accident we encountered came from the toilet supply line on the second story. The family just left for vacation which allowed this burst line to flood their home for over 24 hours before a neighbor began to notice water coming out from the garage. During this time, the water had managed to affect all three rooms on the second story as well as all adjoining hallways and stairways. You can however take preventative steps to protect yourself from experiencing a similar ordeal. When making your selection on new supply lines be sure to opt for the braided stainless-steel lines. These lines are stronger than conventional plastic supply lines and can provide additional peace of mind. If you have any questions about how to handle or prepare yourself for future water damages, give us a call at 940-241-3434.

Women suffering from allergies blowing her nose

Your allergies at your business or home could be caused by contaminated air ducts

Air ducts that haven’t been properly cleaned could potentially be holding dangerous contaminants. One such hazard could be mold. If moisture enters your duct system mold spores can develop rapidly clinging to the ducting system and quickly circulate through your entire system which in turn leaves no room unaffected by a mold build up. Unclean air ducts can also be a danger to anyone with asthma or respiratory problems. Dirty duct systems can be a host to not only dust but also dangerous fungi and pollens which can increase your chances of developing respiratory illnesses. Breathe easy knowing that SERVPRO of Highland Village can tackle any duct cleaning job whether commercial or residential!

Sign saying "Mold problem? Call SERVPRO we can help."

Do you have a mold problem? Call SERVPRO of Highland Village, we can help.

MOLD!! Now if that didn’t scare you, you're one tough cookie. The thought of mold in your household can be terrifying to picture but there is no need to worry. SERVPRO of Highland Village employees are trained and educated to fight mold and prevent any further damage. We simply contain, remove and then treat the affected area with anti-microbial to prevent any future possible mold growth.

Pile of floorboards in living room

Floors Hate Water

This home suffered from an expired toilette supply line, which unfortunately ruptured while the family was out of town. They came home to disaster when inches of standing water had filled their home. SERVPRO of Highland Village Showed up within hours to clear the water and begin the mitigation process. We set up our fans, dehumidifiers, and removed all damaged materials.  

Wall with the drywall pulled off

The Importance of Removing Affected Drywall

When a water damage occurs, SERVPRO of Highland Village's first priority is to re-mediate and restore affected structural materials like drywall, baseboards, flooring, etc. The removal of affected materials may be required, but we want to cause as little damage as possible in order to properly dry your home which includes getting the affected areas dried ASAP. In this photo, you can see our technicians removed the affected drywall and it's now ready to be replaced.