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Toilet Leak Leads to Flooded Office

Another Day at the Office

This photo represents the origin of a water damage that affected a commercial office space in Fort Worth. Contributory to the age of the structure, one of the supply lines burst after years of use and ultimately flooded nearly 30% of the office. Interior and exterior walls were effected along with a majority of flooring in the areas influenced by the water intrusion. Luckily, our professionals were on site in a timely manner and prepared to make it "Like it never even happened."

Soaked carpet in the offices of a church from a water heater

Keep an eye on rusting water heaters

When thinking of appliances that use water in your business, what appliance comes to mind? Bathrooms? Dishwasher? Maybe your water heater? Often tucked away in a closet or in the attic, we sometimes forget that they’re there working everyday 24/7 to maintain hot water so it’s ready for you to use. An aging water heater lives on borrowed time and can be a cause for water damage in your business if left unchecked. Rust is a major factor that can lead to water heater failure. To prevent this from occurring, water heaters contain an anode rod. This rod is highly reactive and as a result the water will begin to consume this rod before it begins to breakdown the steel lining inside of your water heater. These rods however last only around five years before the water inside the tank completely eats them away. Soon, the water will begin attacking the steel lining within the tank which could lead to leaks. If you have any questions on this, give us a call at 940-241-3434.

"Water Damage is the second most filed insurance claim in the US" Frozen water faucet

The dangers of your pipes freezing

Today, we're talking FROZEN! Not Elsa, but with PIPES! During cold weather, whether its a home or business, burst pipes are common causes of property damage and can cost thousands to fix. Ice storms and freezing temperatures are important to watch out for. One way to keep your pipes from freezing up is to drip your faucets. Another way is to get a foam faucet cover. 

servpro box-truck

Our New Truck

With business picking up at SERVPRO of Highland Village, we neede more moving power! Introducing our new box truck! With this addition to our already fully capable fleet of response vehicles, we'll surely be able to handle any size job that comes our way. Our big green trucks are hard to miss, so give us a shout if you catch us on the road! 

Water damage in Bartonville Food Store

Water Damage in Bartonville, TX

Small Leaks can Lead to Big Repairs! This Bartonville Food Store suffered from a small leak coming from a soda machine that seeped into the floors and trapped moisture underneath. SERVPRO of Highland Village was there to solve the problem! As you can see in the photograph, our highly trained team of production techs removed the flooring and dried underneath. We work fast to get you back up and running!

Two low profile air movers

Phoenix AirMax Air Movers

These are only a couple of our new Phoenix AirMax air movers. They only weigh 21 pounds and stack efficiently so we can bring as many as the job requires.