Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage to an upstairs bedroom

The Process of Restoring a Fire/Water Damage

A lightning strike started a fire in this house, creating damage to the roof.

When a fire is being put out, enough water is soaking the house to now create further issues of water damage. This is what we call a fire/water damage. Insulation and ceilings start to collapse as the fire has weakened the structure and the water creates further strain on the structure.

Our crews extract water from the house to begin drying out salvageable materials while disposing of unsalvageable materials. Crews will also place tarps on weakened and missing spots of the roof and board up any windows that may be missing in order to protect against further damage to the structure.

The detailed process of restoring a house after a fire/water damage is just one more reason why SERVPRO is the top-ranked restoration company on the Franchise 500.

More Fires Caused by Lightning Strikes in Lantana

Fire Damage in Lantana

Yet another example of the devastation caused by lightning strikes in the Lantana area. Fortunately, all members of the household were safely evacuated. However, the home itself was completely lost to the flames.  

Wall and ceiling has smoke and soot damage on it

Temperatures of Smoke

Let’s talk about how hot smoke can be. Convection is when heat is being transferred by air movement. The hot air will begin to rise since it is not as dense as cooler air thus as a fire continues to burn it pulls in the cooler air at lower levels and heats it up. As this process continues a pattern of constant movement and circulation in the building which are called convection currents. Now you may have heard to drop down to the floor if ever caught in a smokey room. The smoke won’t stop until it is met by the ceiling and then continues into other rooms. Smoke will move into adjacent rooms as the upper portion of the room fills to the doorways. Hot smoke moves by pressurized air with force and therefore is called driven smoke. As hot smoke collides with materials in the building it deposits residues which causes soot. Call us for any smoke damage at 940-241-3434

Burned house with chair in the forefront

Home Fire

Water damage can be very dangerous and costly. However when it comes to fires, it can consume anything in its path. Luckily we also specialize in fire restoration whether its cleaning smoke, soot, or even renovating an entire room that has been burnt. Here at SERVPRO of Highland Village, we are ready for whatever happens. Call us anytime at (940)-241-3434

Burnt wrenches in a toolbox

Toolbox affected by a garage fire

"NFPA estimates that the 1,318,500 fires to which the fire service responded in 2018 caused $25.6 billion in property damage". Even with all the building regulations that are required, there is still billions in property damage caused by fires every year. Luckily this owner's insurance was able to cover all his tools that were affected by the fire, but not everyone is so lucky. If you need any consultation on fire damage, make sure to give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call at (940)-898-3531.

Fire damage to garage

Garage Fire

It's incredible just how fast fires can spread. This garage was destroyed in only a matter of minutes! SERVPRO of Highland Village cleared all debris, washed the walls, removed damaged sections of the garage, and cleaned the entire area. We have all the tools necessary to do it right, including trucks to haul away the mess! Our team is dedicated to getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.