Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Our storm team

Meet Our Storm Team!

Welcome to our storm team! When a storm hits anywhere in the United States, our team will be there as soon as possible to help those in need. Whether it is a hurricane, tropical storm or tornadoes, our team will travel in order to serve families and businesses affected by storms.

As a part of Storm Team Wilson, we are called upon by our Storm Team leaders in order to band together with other franchises from all over the nation for a united front when heading to Storm.

Storm Damage in Argyle

When it Rains..

Following a surge of unexpected storms in the DFW area, one Argyle family was given the shock of a lifetime when it was discovered that the rain had found its way inside of their home while undergoing a remodel. Fortunately, our professionals were quick to respond to help mitigate the damage. And though the affected area was vast, the damage that could have been inflicted by migrating water would have resulted in a catastrophic outcome.

building torn apart by recent tornado

Tornado damage in North Dallas

Tornado are scary for many reasons. This was taken in North Dallas after the recent tornado ripped through and destroyed many homes and businesses. It's one of the many examples of thunderstorms and tornado damage that SERVPRO of Highland Village has restored over the past year. If you ever have this kind of damage, give us a call ASAP at 940-241-3434.

fallen tree resting on house


Storms can bring more than just rain! This home was nearly flattened when their massive tree in the front yard couldn't handle the wind! Storms create all kinds of problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Luckily, SERVPRO of Highland Village can take care of any storm-related disaster! We have the tools, manpower, and knowhow to not only get your job done quickly but correctly and professionally. 

Four foot cuts in drywall

Procedure for Flood Damage

Floods are not only known for filling your living room with water! They also contaminate everything that water touches. Floodwaters can contain everything from dangerous chemicals to sewage and other biohazards, so it's important to take them seriously. We at SERVPRO of Highland Village take every step to make sure that your property is safe to re-enter.

Flooding caused by storm

Thats No Swimming Pool

Sometimes the rain just won't let up! A little over a week ago, Houston, TX, was hit with a surprising 60 inches of rain over four days. This caused widespread flooding in the area, which SERVPRO of Highland Village was happy to help mitigate. We can handle large commercial losses, and effectively tackle smaller residential jobs with ease.