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Our storm team

Meet Our Storm Team!

Welcome to our storm team! When a storm hits anywhere in the United States, our team will be there as soon as possible to help those in need. Whether it is a hurricane, tropical storm or tornadoes, our team will travel in order to serve families and businesses affected by storms.

As a part of Storm Team Wilson, we are called upon by our Storm Team leaders in order to band together with other franchises from all over the nation for a united front when heading to Storm.

The injectidry machine drying floors

The Injectidry High Pressure Drying System

The Injectidry High Pressure drying system has been specifically developed to target high-risk areas of hidden moisture such as: wooden flooring, walls and ceilings, double and triple-sheeted fire walls, party walls, sound barriers, insulation, and walls behind cabinets and fixtures.

By using this system, technicians at SERVPRO can more efficiently dry out a structure.

Fire damage to an upstairs bedroom

The Process of Restoring a Fire/Water Damage

A lightning strike started a fire in this house, creating damage to the roof.

When a fire is being put out, enough water is soaking the house to now create further issues of water damage. This is what we call a fire/water damage. Insulation and ceilings start to collapse as the fire has weakened the structure and the water creates further strain on the structure.

Our crews extract water from the house to begin drying out salvageable materials while disposing of unsalvageable materials. Crews will also place tarps on weakened and missing spots of the roof and board up any windows that may be missing in order to protect against further damage to the structure.

The detailed process of restoring a house after a fire/water damage is just one more reason why SERVPRO is the top-ranked restoration company on the Franchise 500.

Water drainage backup into bathtub

Bathtub drainage backup in Lake Dallas, TX

If you have ever had water backup from the drain into your bathtub or toilet, you know how frustrating and stressful this situation can be. This situation can also be potentially dangerous to those who are unaware as to what contaminants this "dark water" can carry.

At SERVPRO, our technicians are trained on the dangers of sewage backup and how to properly take care of this category of water damage.

Toilet Leak Leads to Flooded Office

Another Day at the Office

This photo represents the origin of a water damage that affected a commercial office space in Fort Worth. Contributory to the age of the structure, one of the supply lines burst after years of use and ultimately flooded nearly 30% of the office. Interior and exterior walls were effected along with a majority of flooring in the areas influenced by the water intrusion. Luckily, our professionals were on site in a timely manner and prepared to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Argyle

When it Rains..

Following a surge of unexpected storms in the DFW area, one Argyle family was given the shock of a lifetime when it was discovered that the rain had found its way inside of their home while undergoing a remodel. Fortunately, our professionals were quick to respond to help mitigate the damage. And though the affected area was vast, the damage that could have been inflicted by migrating water would have resulted in a catastrophic outcome.

Water Damage Caused by Leaking Water Heater

Leaking Water Heater in Fort Worth, Texas

This photo captures only a fraction of the water damage caused by a leaking water heater in Fort Worth. Beginning in the garage area of the home, water quickly migrated through the master closet, into the master bath, and throughout sections of the home. Damage of this caliber is typical of water heaters because they are often overlooked by homeowners and are not typically placed in high traffic areas. 

More Fires Caused by Lightning Strikes in Lantana

Fire Damage in Lantana

Yet another example of the devastation caused by lightning strikes in the Lantana area. Fortunately, all members of the household were safely evacuated. However, the home itself was completely lost to the flames.  

Mold Damage in Corinth

Mold Damage in Corinth

A close look at a recent mold damage within a home in Corinth, Texas. According to author Jay Romano of the New York Times, growth can cause health effects. And what many people may not know is that growth could be present in their homes right now. If you detect a must-like odor in your home and/or witness visible bacteria growth, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Highland Village at 940-241-3434.

Soaked carpet in the offices of a church from a water heater

Keep an eye on rusting water heaters

When thinking of appliances that use water in your business, what appliance comes to mind? Bathrooms? Dishwasher? Maybe your water heater? Often tucked away in a closet or in the attic, we sometimes forget that they’re there working everyday 24/7 to maintain hot water so it’s ready for you to use. An aging water heater lives on borrowed time and can be a cause for water damage in your business if left unchecked. Rust is a major factor that can lead to water heater failure. To prevent this from occurring, water heaters contain an anode rod. This rod is highly reactive and as a result the water will begin to consume this rod before it begins to breakdown the steel lining inside of your water heater. These rods however last only around five years before the water inside the tank completely eats them away. Soon, the water will begin attacking the steel lining within the tank which could lead to leaks. If you have any questions on this, give us a call at 940-241-3434.

Closet with water damage on the carpet with clothes still hanging up

Be careful leaving your house alone

A common cause of loss we see on the job site comes from failed water supply lines. One accident we encountered came from the toilet supply line on the second story. The family just left for vacation which allowed this burst line to flood their home for over 24 hours before a neighbor began to notice water coming out from the garage. During this time, the water had managed to affect all three rooms on the second story as well as all adjoining hallways and stairways. You can however take preventative steps to protect yourself from experiencing a similar ordeal. When making your selection on new supply lines be sure to opt for the braided stainless-steel lines. These lines are stronger than conventional plastic supply lines and can provide additional peace of mind. If you have any questions about how to handle or prepare yourself for future water damages, give us a call at 940-241-3434.

building torn apart by recent tornado

Tornado damage in North Dallas

Tornado are scary for many reasons. This was taken in North Dallas after the recent tornado ripped through and destroyed many homes and businesses. It's one of the many examples of thunderstorms and tornado damage that SERVPRO of Highland Village has restored over the past year. If you ever have this kind of damage, give us a call ASAP at 940-241-3434.

Wall and ceiling has smoke and soot damage on it

Temperatures of Smoke

Let’s talk about how hot smoke can be. Convection is when heat is being transferred by air movement. The hot air will begin to rise since it is not as dense as cooler air thus as a fire continues to burn it pulls in the cooler air at lower levels and heats it up. As this process continues a pattern of constant movement and circulation in the building which are called convection currents. Now you may have heard to drop down to the floor if ever caught in a smokey room. The smoke won’t stop until it is met by the ceiling and then continues into other rooms. Smoke will move into adjacent rooms as the upper portion of the room fills to the doorways. Hot smoke moves by pressurized air with force and therefore is called driven smoke. As hot smoke collides with materials in the building it deposits residues which causes soot. Call us for any smoke damage at 940-241-3434

Burned house with chair in the forefront

Home Fire

Water damage can be very dangerous and costly. However when it comes to fires, it can consume anything in its path. Luckily we also specialize in fire restoration whether its cleaning smoke, soot, or even renovating an entire room that has been burnt. Here at SERVPRO of Highland Village, we are ready for whatever happens. Call us anytime at (940)-241-3434

Burnt wrenches in a toolbox

Toolbox affected by a garage fire

"NFPA estimates that the 1,318,500 fires to which the fire service responded in 2018 caused $25.6 billion in property damage". Even with all the building regulations that are required, there is still billions in property damage caused by fires every year. Luckily this owner's insurance was able to cover all his tools that were affected by the fire, but not everyone is so lucky. If you need any consultation on fire damage, make sure to give SERVPRO of Highland Village a call at (940)-898-3531.

Women suffering from allergies blowing her nose

Your allergies at your business or home could be caused by contaminated air ducts

Air ducts that haven’t been properly cleaned could potentially be holding dangerous contaminants. One such hazard could be mold. If moisture enters your duct system mold spores can develop rapidly clinging to the ducting system and quickly circulate through your entire system which in turn leaves no room unaffected by a mold build up. Unclean air ducts can also be a danger to anyone with asthma or respiratory problems. Dirty duct systems can be a host to not only dust but also dangerous fungi and pollens which can increase your chances of developing respiratory illnesses. Breathe easy knowing that SERVPRO of Highland Village can tackle any duct cleaning job whether commercial or residential!

Sign saying "Mold problem? Call SERVPRO we can help."

Do you have a mold problem? Call SERVPRO of Highland Village, we can help.

MOLD!! Now if that didn’t scare you, you're one tough cookie. The thought of mold in your household can be terrifying to picture but there is no need to worry. SERVPRO of Highland Village employees are trained and educated to fight mold and prevent any further damage. We simply contain, remove and then treat the affected area with anti-microbial to prevent any future possible mold growth.

Christmas tree with a Servpro duck on top of the tree

Christmas office decorations

We may be professionals when it comes to restoration in your home or office. But these BRILLIANT Christmas decorating skills could hint at a career change...

SERVPRO of Highland Village wishes everyone a wonderful holiday!!! Also...check out our Christmas tree topper!!!

"Water Damage is the second most filed insurance claim in the US" Frozen water faucet

The dangers of your pipes freezing

Today, we're talking FROZEN! Not Elsa, but with PIPES! During cold weather, whether its a home or business, burst pipes are common causes of property damage and can cost thousands to fix. Ice storms and freezing temperatures are important to watch out for. One way to keep your pipes from freezing up is to drip your faucets. Another way is to get a foam faucet cover. 

fallen tree resting on house


Storms can bring more than just rain! This home was nearly flattened when their massive tree in the front yard couldn't handle the wind! Storms create all kinds of problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Luckily, SERVPRO of Highland Village can take care of any storm-related disaster! We have the tools, manpower, and knowhow to not only get your job done quickly but correctly and professionally. 

servpro box-truck

Our New Truck

With business picking up at SERVPRO of Highland Village, we neede more moving power! Introducing our new box truck! With this addition to our already fully capable fleet of response vehicles, we'll surely be able to handle any size job that comes our way. Our big green trucks are hard to miss, so give us a shout if you catch us on the road! 

Four foot cuts in drywall

Procedure for Flood Damage

Floods are not only known for filling your living room with water! They also contaminate everything that water touches. Floodwaters can contain everything from dangerous chemicals to sewage and other biohazards, so it's important to take them seriously. We at SERVPRO of Highland Village take every step to make sure that your property is safe to re-enter.

Flooding caused by storm

Thats No Swimming Pool

Sometimes the rain just won't let up! A little over a week ago, Houston, TX, was hit with a surprising 60 inches of rain over four days. This caused widespread flooding in the area, which SERVPRO of Highland Village was happy to help mitigate. We can handle large commercial losses, and effectively tackle smaller residential jobs with ease. 

Pile of floorboards in living room

Floors Hate Water

This home suffered from an expired toilette supply line, which unfortunately ruptured while the family was out of town. They came home to disaster when inches of standing water had filled their home. SERVPRO of Highland Village Showed up within hours to clear the water and begin the mitigation process. We set up our fans, dehumidifiers, and removed all damaged materials.  

Fire damage to garage

Garage Fire

It's incredible just how fast fires can spread. This garage was destroyed in only a matter of minutes! SERVPRO of Highland Village cleared all debris, washed the walls, removed damaged sections of the garage, and cleaned the entire area. We have all the tools necessary to do it right, including trucks to haul away the mess! Our team is dedicated to getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Water damage in Bartonville Food Store

Water Damage in Bartonville, TX

Small Leaks can Lead to Big Repairs! This Bartonville Food Store suffered from a small leak coming from a soda machine that seeped into the floors and trapped moisture underneath. SERVPRO of Highland Village was there to solve the problem! As you can see in the photograph, our highly trained team of production techs removed the flooring and dried underneath. We work fast to get you back up and running!

Wall with the drywall pulled off

The Importance of Removing Affected Drywall

When a water damage occurs, SERVPRO of Highland Village's first priority is to re-mediate and restore affected structural materials like drywall, baseboards, flooring, etc. The removal of affected materials may be required, but we want to cause as little damage as possible in order to properly dry your home which includes getting the affected areas dried ASAP. In this photo, you can see our technicians removed the affected drywall and it's now ready to be replaced.

An infrared camera looking at the front of our office

Our Professional Infrared Camera

Whenever you call SERVPRO of Highland Village, this is one of many tools we bring along for finding water in places that may not appear to be damp on the surface but are still soaked through. The Flir E6 is an infrared camera we use to measure the location and amount of water behind a wall, ceiling or floor, no matter the building material. This is an expensive, but necessary piece of equipment to show us exactly where to start the necessary restoration process. 

Two SERVPRO dehumidifiers

Have You Met Our Dehumidifiers?

These are just two types of dehumidifiers we have here at the warehouse. The one on the right is called Dri-Eaz Evolution (AKA 'The Evo'). This is one of our more energy-efficient dehumidifiers that puts out less heat than our other dehumidifiers so it won't raise the indoor temperature of your home or business as much as our more industrial equipment. The one on the left is called Dri-Eaz 7000XLi (AKA 'The Big Dehu'). One of our more powerful and heavier dehumidifiers, this is mainly used for bigger commercial jobs and extremely humid environments to pull as much moisture out of the air as needed. Most of our equipment can be rented out as well for personal use.

Two low profile air movers

Phoenix AirMax Air Movers

These are only a couple of our new Phoenix AirMax air movers. They only weigh 21 pounds and stack efficiently so we can bring as many as the job requires. 

One of our owners, Bailey Stone, standing in front of our van

Our "Mystery Machine"

Our first big purchase here at SERVPRO of Highland Village is an all-american Ram Roadmaster. Picking our van is one of the most important parts of the SERVPRO business because without it, we wouldn't be able to reliably service our community and their restoration needs. With plenty of room in the back for all our technical equipment, she's proven her use on multiple occasions so keep a sharp eye out for our own "Mystery Machine" in your area.